Chilliwack Hikes and Hiking Trails


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Chilliwack Hikes & Hiking Trails

Chilliwack is surrounded by beautiful mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. It’s also got some of the best hiking, running and mountain biking trails in British Columbia.

List of Hikes and Hiking Trails in Chilliwack:

Other great hiking trails resources in Chilliwack

Guidelines for using Chilliwack’s trails

  • Be prepared. Expect unexpected weather and wildlife.
  • Use caution and always tell others where you’re headed before you go out hiking and what time you’ll return
  • Know your limits. Choose a trail that matched your hiking ability or the ability of the weakest member of your group
  • Some trails are restricted to hiking only.
  • Some trails are multi-use meaning they’re open to horses, cyclists, hikers and trail runners.
  • Always stay on the trails. Don’t cut switchbacks as this destroys trailside vegetation and damages trails
  • Creating new trails without permission is not allowed
  • Be courteous and respectful of other trail users


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Chilliwack Hiking Trail Challenges and Scavenger Hunts

Chilliwack Hiking Trail Challenges and Scavenger Hunts

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