Hiking Clothing Tips – What to Wear on the Trails in BC

hiking clothing tips - dude hiking in jeans
  1. Don’t wear cotton

    Cotton Kills! It quickly gets soaked with rain, or sweat, and takes too long for it to dry. When cotton gets wet it loses 100 percent of it’s insulation properties. Wet clothes wick heat away from the skin.

  2. Don’t wear jeans

    You’ll be hiking in BC rainforests, not herding cattle in Saskatchewan. Jeans are heavy, and don’t insulate when wet. Cotton sweatpants are just as bad.

  3. Wear Synthetic Fabrics

    Synthetic fabrics don’t retain water easily, they insulate when wet and dry rapidly.

  4. Dress in Layers

    Layer 1 should be comfortable thin synthetics ( ie T-shirt and shorts). Layer 2 should be for warmth (ie a fleece jacket/vest and long pants). Layer 3 should be for protection (ie Goretex jacket, toque, gloves)

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