Hiking Trails Near Chilliwack BC?

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Hiking is more than a walk in the woods in Chilliwack, BC. It’s a stroll with family through moss-covered forests to see huge 700-year-old trees. It’s a day-trip jeep ride and hike with friends to the top of the world and back. It’s navigating boulder-fields and following a creek up a steep ridge to find a beautiful hanging lake and a perfect camping spot. Each hike offers something different. Some Chilliwack trails are well groomed and baby-stroller friendly, while other trails will have you climbing on all fours and pushing the limits of your legs and lungs. The result, however, is always something similar, an awe and appreciation for Chilliwack’s natural beauty, amazing mountains, trails and seemingly endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. Want to adventure more? Get out hiking in Chilliwack today.

See a full list of hiking trails near Chilliwack BC in the Hike Chilliwack trails list. Connect with other local hikers, track your hikes and get motivated to hike with Strava.


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Chilliwack Hiking Trail Challenges and Scavenger Hunts

Chilliwack Hiking Trail Challenges and Scavenger Hunts

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